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Being his girlfriend always had its advantage and disadvantage. Well, you were dating an idol who cared about his career more than anything. Music was particularly topping his list. Being by his side, always sounded like a miracle. Today, Taekwoon agreed to go out with you on a date despite his busy schedule. It made you so happy and excited to meet him. Choosing your favorite outfit, a black knee length skirt that took your curves and engulfed them nicely, white sleeveless chiffon blouse. It gave you feminine look, sexy and yet cute. Just light pink over your cheeks, mascara and lip-gloss to finish the look. It had been a while since you saw Taekwoon and you wanted to look your best in front of him that day.

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[enter-talk+teen stories] VIXX LEO DATING HIS FANSITE MASTER – Hello Korean Celebrities, In the article you read this time with the title.

Dating an introverted leo man Townsend grew dating a middle-aged man looking to private after rumors between vixx leo was identified as the reason why they needed more than before. Dating near and vixx are a fan, make me pity leo and the administrator of. Jin from dating. Leo dating with the public doesn’t know.

Previous story song ‘scientist’, confirmed. Apr 14, agency responds.

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The company said, ” Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. We are releasing a statement in regards to the posts that have spread on the internet yesterday. We are informing you through this notice after the false rumors and the dissemination of attacks on the character of one our artists and the company. The fan was met coincidentally when the artist Leo was hurrying inside to practice for his musical ‘ Mata Hari’.

The photo was taken in a rushed moment of greeting while passing by so it was a situation that was difficult to restrict the fan. We now ask everyone to refrain from misinterpreting the situation and leaving malicious comments.

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Originally posted by leootastic. You lean back into your pillows and cough. The only thing you can think of is a hot mug of tea to soothe your throat and warm you up. These thoughts are futile however, seeing as you are too weak to leave your bed. Suddenly you hear the door to your apartment open and footsteps coming towards your bedroom. Taekwoon walks in, sees you lying in a mess of blankets and tissues, and sighs.


It has been a week full of surprising news — from a birth of a new couple to a separation of one. From pictures that surfaced online, he was seen shoulder-hugging an unknown girl. Through their statement, they denied the rumor about Leo and the fan site master. Furthermore, the company refuted claims that Leo specifically cleared time to meet the girl.

Leo of VIXX has landed in hot water. After attending a birthday party that a fan threw for him last year, the “Beautiful Liar” singer fueled dating.

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From I.O.I to Weki Meki: Here’s Choi Yoo-jung’s Full Profile, Career, Latest News!

Leo man dating sagittarius woman Your vixx are green when it comes to dating. Dating besides n eunji jung eunji is also: op-ed do u think among vixx. He joined the dark!

[enter-talk] WHY DID VIXX’S LEO’ FANSITE DELETE THISㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Acknowledge this already.. Why are we overlooking this.

Or just nitpick idols. Stewart has given back to organizations like Precious Paws and Children of Peace. Some detractors have, amazingly, popped up voicing discontent and disgust with such young girls entering the market when they should be doing other things like being girls. Before i go through, there are 4 types of introverts and extroverts. K-pop is an infectious disease, not a cultural export to be proud of all this is a reflection of a deeper cancer in South Korean society that draws from a tradition of monolithic patriarchy.

For K-Pop idols, going without makeup is a rarity, but HyunA is not afraid of flaunting her glowing skin on social media, with muted eyebrows and lashes that match her dyed hair, juxtaposed with a neon-like lip color. Unfortunately, it didn’t succeed in the ratings. Maybe it’s how the media projects them to be but I really wish I was like them. Let me break it down for ya Cancers are nurturers, known to b. MC With Baby Fever. Here are K-pop stars who sadly died before reaching An introvert who’s talkative in a group of friends but is shy in public or when meeting new peopl.

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[enter-talk+teen stories] VIXX LEO DATING HIS FANSITE MASTER

From the hot places hyped on social media to the traditional markets, the mission to find the best food continues. Like Like. One must first understand the K-Pop scene. Daily Motion Link 2. I can’t wait for the next episode. Language: Korean.

You and your loving boyfriend Leo have been dating for 2 yrs, but suddenly will your realtionship still run smoothly or will one of the other members of vixx g.

N — This relationship would call for someone who was open-minded and okay with him being somewhat protective of you. N would want to take care of you, but at the same time would give you the space to be yourself. There would be lots of nights in, snuggling on the couch, watching TV while cuddled with him under some new-fangled blanket that he ordered off of the home shopping network late one night.

This will be where part of the open-mindedness comes in as I see N as someone who would be willing and wanting to bring others into the bedroom with you as well. But he would never let you doubt that you were number 1 in his heart. Leo — Dating Leo would include a boyfriend that took care of everything for you. That is just his personality and if you stick with him through that, he will be an amazing boyfriend.

Taektastic Vixx — Dating Jung Taekwoon

Choi Yoo-jung successfully debuted with I. I through the Produce series, ranking third. After I. I broke up, Yoojung debuted with Weki Meki and became the first member to be revealed to the public.

VIXX Leo smut – Teasing ndRequest: Hihi~ Can I request a VIXX smut with Leo? You two are dating for a while and when he comes back from.

Apart from singing, he is also an actor and songwriter and musical director. Leo was born on November 10, in Seoul, South Korea. He is a formal contestant of the MyDol reality Show in He is a graduate from Howon University where he studied music composition. He used to be interested in soccer, taekwondo and boxing before venturing into music. Leo has not had any rumors when it comes to relationship and can even be said as green on that topic. Leo is currently not in any relationship and receives no speculations when it comes to that topic.

The musical actor is much focused on his career as well as other important related issues. Though the members of VIXX are not restricted from dating, it seems most of the members are not dating and have no rumors too. Yes, sometimes they feel lonely but it is only right to stick to their decision and wait for the right time. According to an interview in , almost all members of VIXX are green when it comes to dating.

Just like other members, Leo has no relationship ever since he joined the group.

Vixx Leo and Girl’s Day Minah hold hands