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The Xena series began as a spinoff of the fantasy series Hercules , which starred Kevin Sorbo. The series ran until and made the New Zealand actress a TV star as well as a favorite among America’s lesbian community thanks to Xena’s wink-wink ambiguous relationship with her sidekick, Gabrielle. Lucy Lawless has also starred in feature films including the animated Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus , the blockbuster Spider-Man , in a very brief cameo and the comedy Eurotrip In she began starring as Lucretia, the wife of a gladiator-owning Roman, in the cable TV sword-and-sandals series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Lucy Lawless is naturally a dark blonde; her hair was dyed black for Xena … She was married to Garth Lawless from until their divorce in They have two sons, Julius b. Test your knowledge with Infoplease trivia and quizzes. New quizzes added regularly.

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When Aleida Santiago died in , she was surrounded by her closest friends — all of whom shared her devotion to Xena: Warrior Princess — and Grace, her partner of 25 years. Lucy Lawless plays a retired homicide detective in My Life is Murder — who keeps getting roped into cases by an inspector, played by Bernard Curry. Credit: Ten. After Santiago was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she chose to spend her final days in her Los Angeles home, nestled into a recliner.

Together, they watched the young Santiago ride a pony through tall grass, led by her smartly dressed grandfather.

Lucille Frances Lawless, known as Lucy Lawless, is a mainstream New Zealand on-screen actress and singer. Her date of birth is 29 March.

It used to be enough for people to get a signed photograph, but more now feel the need to get Xena Warrior Princess immortalised on their bodies – and Lucy isn’t impressed by the results. She said: “I hate it when people get tattoos of me. I’ve seen full colour tattoos of Xena and Gabrielle on people’s back.

But if fans have gone to extremes to show their devotion in the past, tattoo parlours should be braced for big business after Spartacus: Blood And Sand hits screens in the UK. It is billed as a historical epic about the legendary fighter who led a slave uprising against the Romans. But before it’s arrived from the US, it has caused controversy with its scenes of graphic violence and sex. With huge set pieces filmed against green screen to create packed Roman fighting arenas, and a massive special effects budget, it’s been described as a cross between Gladiator and and is breaking the mould in making a historical TV series.

Some actresses might have their doubts about signing up to such an graphic version of history, but Lucy had the inside track – her husband Rob Tapert is the show’s executive producer. It’s usually some horrible joke where they are using me like a bendy toy. Taking on the role of Lucretia, she is the wife of gladiator trainer Lentulus Batiatus, who is played by Scots star John Hannah.

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There is so much to say about Lucy Lawless. Here we go Actress, singer, mother and charity worker, Lucy Lawless is the first daughter, the fifth of seven children five brothers and one sister , was born in Mount Albert, New Zealand. Lawless began acting in secondary school, attending Marist College, Mount Albert.

Character Name: Xena Birth Date: 29th March Birth Place: Auckland, New Zealand Family: Married Garth Lawless (divorced ), daughter Daisy.

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Lucy Lawless defends the ‘lesbian romance’ between superhero Xena and her gal pal Gabrielle

Lawless, the fifth of seven children five brothers and one sister , was born in Mount Albert, New Zealand. Lawless began acting in secondary school. At Auckland University, she studied foreign languages for a year.

Bell, who kicked off her stunt career by doubling for Xena herself, rounded up, yes, Lucy Lawless, plus NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah.

In her own words, Lucy Lawless, who is starring in new drama My Life Is Murder, shares her words of wisdom and the biggest lessons she’s learnt in life. My father was the mayor and she was the mayoress, and she erected monuments to suffragettes and arranged historical pageants in our city. I wish that it had been a little gentler.

I find the news so troubling that all I want to do is spend an hour watching something nice and friendly like My Life Is Murder, where you get a sense of justice at the end. When people met me during the peak of Xena: Warrior Princess, they expected me not to be friendly. The LGBT community were the first ones to make Xena cool, which we thought was really fun and kind of wonderful. By Adam Beresford. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless was previously married to Garth Lawless – Lucy Lawless is a 52 year old New Zealander Actress. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Xena warrior princess Year Lucy Lawless. Xena warrior princess Year BEDTIME STORIES LUCY LAWLESS, GUY PEARCE Date: BEDTIME.

If you’ve watched even just one episode of the quirky cult-adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess , then there’s a strong likelihood that you became immediately and irrevocably obsessed with the charismatic star of the show, Lucy Lawless. So much so that you may have found yourself wondering, probably out loud and at inappropriate moments, whatever happened to the actress who played Xena?

Well, as it happens, a lot happened to her. And all of it is good. Though a long-speculated Xena: Warrior Princess reboot was scrapped at NBC in , there’s every chance that Lawless could possibly someday return to the role. But why wait for a whole new Xena fix when there are plenty of Lucy Lawless’ other projects to catch up on and enjoy?

You’ve probably seen her in something over the years, even if you didn’t make the connection.

‘Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi!’ Xena Takes On Broadway

See also Lucy for a complete list of references to clarify differences between these closely named or closely related articles. Lucy Lawless is a television actress. She was born in Auckland , New Zealand on March 29th , Lucy is married to television producer Robert G.

Daisy Lawless (born July 15, ) is the daughter of actress Lucy Lawless and Garth Lawless. Find more Will Cameron Dating History – Test Read Full Story.

I know I am far from the only one who was obsessed with Xena , but I was real obsessed from day one. Five year old me just wanted to run around with a chakram and just BE her, or at least that amazing battle yell. When I was in second grade I was even Xena for Halloween. They did not have Xena costumes in stores for little ones yet so my mom made me this awesome outfit of a more PG variety, as I was 8. But I could not resist. This is a little series where they chat at each other in the most adorable way possible: in totally normal clothes on a bed, on a couch outside, on a couch inside.

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Over the course of six seasons , the two became best friends, but despite the love they obviously felt for each other, they never officially became a couple. Now we know why. Talking to Entertainment Weekly , Lawless explained what that friendship meant to the community and why:. She felt she was irredeemable.

Lucy Lawless, heroine of cult television program Xena, will make Currently, Ms. Lawless is dating Rob Tapert, an American who is an.

At 51 years old, Lucy Lawless is finally taking charge behind the scenes. It’s a first for the legendary Lawless. He’s absolutely the boss of his world. He’s the first creative force and the last one. He starts and finishes everything,” Lawless told E! The series follows retired police detective and current private investigator Alexa Crowe as she assists her former colleagues in Melbourne. Each episode follows a mystery Alexa takes on with the help of her investigative sidekick Madison Ebony Vagulans and police counterpart Kieran Hussey Bernard Curry.

She bakes bread, has a cat that’s not entirely hers and some heartache after the loss of her husband.

Lucy Lawless and her husband Robert Tapert and their children